1981 Tokai SS-50 Silver Star



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This is a beautifully preserved 1981 Tokai SS-50 Silver Star, which is a copy of a 1976 Strat, but made to the high standards of one of Japan’s top brands in the early 80’s. As a copy of a ’76 it has the big headstock, bullet truss rod adjustment at the headstock and three bolt neck with micro-tilt.

This particular guitar is finished in a beautiful metallic red which was available as a custom color for a ¥2,000 upcharge on the SS-48 model. For this model it got the more desirable Schaller style tuners and the much better ‘SS Super’ pickups which Tokai described as a “wide-range single-coil pickup specially developed for the SS series. Provides the well-balanced and versatile sound characteristic of the modern Strat. Renowned as one of the best pickups for effects, it delivers beautifully live or in the studio. A truly powerful pickup demonstrating 100% of the true appeal of the single-coil sound.”

Neck is one piece Rock Maple, with an especially attractive Rosewood fretboard.

Overall, the condition of the guitar is excellent for a forty year old guitar, showing little play wear and there is even a bit of the original protective plastic under one of the switch mounting screws that I’ve left in place. There are some minor dings and such as can be seen in the photos. It still has its original Tokai branded gig bag. The guitar appears to be all original, including all of its electronics.

The guitar has been gone over completely adjusting the relief (truss rod), action (string height), neck angle, pickup heights, intonation, bridge radius and relief at the nut was checked. Pots, switch and jack were cleaned. The frets received a full level, crown and polish. Fretboard, body and neck were all cleaned. Setup was done with a fresh set of D’Addario .009 to .042 strings. Guitar now plays great with no buzz or dead spots anywhere on the neck. This guitar needs nothing.

The guitar come with its original Tokai gig bag.

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