This SG-2000 DP is one of only 600 made as a special run which was only offered in Japan.   
What made it special?  Its Deep Purple color!

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The SG-2000 was a groundbreaking and iconic guitar, the result of a collaboration between Yamaha and Carlos Santana and was originally released in 1976.  While Yamaha has always offered entry level guitars, featuring an ebony fretboard with mother of pearl split inlays the SG 2000 was anything but that and was highly praised when introduced and highly sought after ever since. 

 The SG-2000's construction was a no compromise solution, the most interesting aspects being the a mahogany and maple set neck which runs the entire length of the guitar and a solid brass sustain block under the bridge. 

Check out the picture below and detailed specs I scanned from a 1977 SG-2000 brochure:


The pickups on SG-2000 were described in the brochure as:

'Yamaha pickups are really "hot", with about a third more output than competitive models.  Thus, you can overdrive your amp to get solid distortion without inconvenient, unreliable "booster" boxes.  When you want a clean sound, Yamaha pickups give you a rich full tone at all volume levels, unlike some high-output, hum defeating pickups.  The pickups have individually adjustable pole pieces, and are tri-mounted to allow parallel adjustment to the strings while simultaneously eliminating rattles.'


SG-2000 is a great guitar, all the more exciting in Deep Purple .

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