Momose MES1-CM PRM - 2015
1 of 6 Made

This guitar is 1 of 6 made for the Sound Messe show in Osaka Japan in November of 2015.  Based on the Momose 335 style MES1, this is a Premium version that received a Cuban Mahogany Neck and Centerblock, Mojotone '59 Clone Humbuckers and Top Lacquer finish.  Top, back and sides are maple, and the fretboard is Madagascar Mahogany.

Cuban Mahogany has a long history as a tonewood and is denser than Honduran Mahogany, supposedly closer sounding to Rosewood.  Tonewood aside, this is a masterfully built instrument, typical of the high quality instruments Momose produces.  As with their entire product line, this instrument is all handmade. 

Momose is among the top limited production manufacturers in Japan and named after master craftsman Momose Kyootto, who has been making guitars since 1964 and founded Headway in 1977.  Headway are considered among the peak of domestic acoustic guitar manufacturers.  The Momose brand is under the supervision of Momose Kyootto and produces a range of electric guitars based upon traditional models, following methods as used in the 50's and early 60's by the top American manufacturers.  As best I can tell Momose only produce about 1,000 instruments a year.

This model originally sold for 360,000 yen.

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