Burny FLG-90 - 1980

The Burny FLG series were only around for two short years, but the guitars produced in this time have absolutely gorgeous tops and built to the highest quality. 

The FLG-90 came with rosewood board and beautifully applied burst to the flame top.  Body and neck are Mahogany and the entire guitar is finished in pure Nitro Lacquer. 

Pickups are L-8001, which are an OUTSTANDING vintage style humbucker.  Pots were shot on this guitar, so I replaced them with 500K CTS pots, kept the original PIO caps and wired it all up 50's style.  Guitar sounds amazing.  This one got a full setup as well, including a needed level, crown and polish of the frets, so it plays beautifully as well.

These are hard to find, but absolutely fantastic guitars.

USD $2,000

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