1981 Fernandes RST-80 59 YSO

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Incredible rare time capsule from 1981, this is a Fernandes copy of a '59 Strat all original including its box and packing materials, case candy and more.

The Revival Series was launched in 1982 by Fernandes to produce models that were copies of vintage guitars. This is a very early Fernandes Revival Series RST-80 59, which is built to be a highly accurate copy of a 1959 Strat.

Like a '59 Strat, this model comes with a one piece maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, T style string tree and kluson style Fernandes tuners in nickel finish. Pickguard is period correct eleven screw fitted with Fernandes' L-5000 vintage pickups and uses vintage style cloth covered wiring.

The 80 in the model number indicates that this was a premium model, originally priced at ¥80,000. As a premium model its body is two piece center seam alder and the guitar is finished in nitrocellulose lacquer.

This particular guitar is all original and was featured in Japan Vintage Vol 1. Incredibly it still has its original box with packing materials and all its original case candy and hang tag. The tweed case is also original to the guitar which was a 16,000 option.

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