1981 Greco EGF 1000



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Greco Super Real models are widely regarded as some of the best to come out of Japan and highly sought after by players and collectors alike. The Super Real era was when Greco really stepped it up in terms of going after a far higher level of vintage accuracy. Guitars from this period are beautifully made, use beautiful woods, have great pickups and play fantastic. The higher-grade models also come with lacquer finishes and mother of pearl fret board markers.

This guitar is one of the higher-grade models, a 1981 Greco EGF 1000 which originally retailed for ¥100,000. It is meant to be a copy of a 1960 Les Paul, just as the EGF 1800. This model is lacquer finished, has a rosewood board with mother of pearl markers, fret edge binding and came from the factory with DiMarzio pickups. Interestingly, the DiMarzios are stamped with a date code (20 June 1981) just like Maxon’s from this period, which must have been done once they arrived in Japan.

EGF models are flame top, and this guitar has a very attractive top. Finish is sunburst, which looks a bit more brown in person than the pictures show in full sunlight. The darker brown is carried over to the back of the guitars as well, which looks fantastic on the mahogany body and neck.

Condition wise, the guitar is really nice, with some nicks and chips especially around the edges. Pickups, switch, jack and electronics all look original, as do the bridge, tail piece, tuners, pickguard and nut. Truss rod cover is not original and the pickguard screw holding the bracket snapped, which I drilled out and installed a longer screw.

I’ve gone through this guitar completely and done a full setup which included a full level crown and polish of the frets, adjust the relief, adjust the action, adjust intonation, adjust tail piece height, check the nut relief, cleaned the pots/jack/switch, cleaned and oiled the fretboard, cleaned the nut slots and greased the slots for the G, B and E strings. Body, neck and headstock have all been cleaned. It looks, plays and sounds fantastic with no buzzing or dead frets anywhere on the neck.

This guitar needs nothing.

A non-original hard case will be included with this guitar.

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