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Greco had been making a range of ES-335 inspired semi hollow body guitars since the early 1970's. However, it wasn't until the Super Real series was introduced in 1980 that they took the leap to make them as close to the originals as possible. As the name implies, the Super Real guitars of 1980 and 1981 were meant to be copies of specific year and models. Per the 1981 Greco catalog, the SA-900 pays homage to the 1961 ES-335.

This 1980 SA-900 is an excellent example, constructed in many ways just as the original 335's were. The guitar has a one piece mahogany neck with Rosewood fretboard, mother of pearl dot inlays and Kluson style Greco Deluxe tuners. It features a maple and mahogany three ply top, with a spruce-maple-spruce center block and features a lacquer finish, following the construction of the early originals:

"Our SA-1200 and SA-900 bodies feature the same 3-ply maple-mahogany-maple construction. The blend of tonal characteristics of maple and mahogany woods lends a depth of tone that truly deserves to be called Super Real.

Complimenting the 3-ply structure of the top and back is a center block of spruce and maple. The maple block is inset with spruce above and below to provide superior acoustical evenness and a dryness of sound we might call 'semi-acoustic magic'. "

Pickups are a matched pair and original to the guitar. Greco developed "The Groove" pickup during the Super Real era specifically for semi and full acoustic models:

"New specialty semi-acoustic pickup The Groove brings out the lovely rich tone of the semi-acoustic body. This piece is a great source of pride for Greco, as our technicians brought this development to life alongside the pros for total sound response.

Coils are arranged to provide optimum richness to the sound of the bodies of our semi-acoustic and full-acoustic guitars in our The Groove series of humbuckers, made specifically for the purpose of augmenting the sound of the body itself. Semi-acoustic...and full acoustic... are set up to give special emphasis to a bluesy sound. The Groove, developed after lengthy experimentation with numerous test pieces before we settled on its coil specs, is infused with a sound secret that goes against everything you think you know about humbuckers."

The Groove pickups are relatively unknown, but are stand-out Maxon's, they sound fantastic.

Overall, condition of this guitar is excellent, however it does have some cracks in the binding around the body and the lacquer is missing in two spots on the binding near the lower bout. The guitar is all original, other than it was missing the covers to the pickups. I've added a lightly aged set of pickup covers with the correct pole spacing for Japanese pickups.

The guitar has been gone over completely and received a full setup. Relief (truss rod) was adjusted, action and intonation set, nut relief checked, nut slots cleaned, tail piece and pickups heights were adjusted. Entire body has been cleaned, fretboard was cleaned and oiled. Harness was removed and pots, switch and jack cleaned Frets were in excellent shape and looked like they had been recently dressed so they have just been freshly polished.

The guitar plays beautifully, with no buzzing or dead spots anywhere on the neck.

Offered at USD $2,900
This guitar is located in the US.

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