Greco EG 850 Limited Edition - 1979
Stepping into the Super Real Era....


In late 1979 Greco began advertising a Limited Edition model that represented the transition into what became the Greco Super Real era models. The move was significant, as it was a shift from copying contemporary models, to trying to build as close as possible to vintage specifications. This transition model was the 1979 Greco EG 850 Limited Edition.

Throughout the 70’s Greco’s LP models were built to be copies of Gibson models as they were made at the time. It was the Super Real era when Greco transitioned to building, not to Norlin era specs, but much closer to vintage specs.

This EG 850 is very close to a Super Real EGF-850, but was clearly meant to be something special.  The EG 850 comes with an Ebony fretboard,  real Mother of Pearl inlays, three piece Mahogany neck and a two piece, center seamed Mahogany back. So this was a model built to a high specification. Even the top is more nicely flamed than a typical EGF 850.

Pickups on this model are PU-2, with an ‘A’ stamp to indicate Alnico magnets. PU-2 pickups are an EXCELLENT Maxon made Greco pickup.

This guitar appears to be all original, other than the pickup covers which have been removed exposing their cream colored bobbins (covers can be added at no additional cost if buyer prefers). Condition overall is excellent, with a few scratches and dings which are to be expected given it will be forty years old later this year.

Guitar looks, plays and sounds great, and needs nothing.  This guitar will come with a vintage hard case.  A new or Super Real case can be provided for a bit more.

Offered at $1,700
This guitar is located in the US
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