Greco EG58-120 DRY 82 - 1982
Mint Collection

EG58-120 is the Mint Collection version of the Super Real era EGF-1200.  This guitar is one that reminds me why I like Les Pauls so much and high end Greco's.  But it is not a case queen.

As you can see in the pics, the top is fantastic, with the honeyburst finish the EGF-1200 is famous for, but with the darker amber lacquer of the Mint Collection.  The Mahogany back on this guitar amazingly is one piece.  Pickups are DRY 82 and sound outstanding.  The guitar has its share of nicks and dings, but it sounds and plays fantastic, really an exceptionally good example of a top Greco.

These early Mint Collection Greeco's have a beautiful amber tinted lacquer, fret edge binding, great looking celluloid markers and a long neck tenon.  This is one of those guitars that just plays and sounds especially good, and with the top it has and one piece back, it is an especially desirable instrument.

The guitar was missing pickup covers, so I added a set of relic'd covers.  I had a run made of these with the correct pole piece spacing for vintage Japanese humbuckers and very happy with how they came out.

Guitar is located in the US.


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