Greco EG60-180 DRY 82 Pickups - 1984
EGF 1800 Equivalent

This Greco is a rare find.  People generally focus on the high end models from Greco’s Super Real era, but there were some very high end models made during the Mint Collection era that followed.  The highest grade production Super Real LP model was the EGF 1800, with the Mint Collection equivalent being the EG60-180, and both being priced at ¥180,000.

This guitar is a 1984 Greco EG60-180, a model that came with some very high end features.  The body features a really striking solid maple flame top and one piece mahogany back.  Greco’s with single piece backs are extremely rare, with even EGF-1800’s coming with two piece backs.  Finish is a beautifully amber tinted nitro lacquer characteristic of high end Mint Collection models.  

The neck is one piece mahogany with Mint Collection long tenon.  Fretboard is rosewood with pearloid markers and fret edge binding.  If you look closely, you’ll notice that the pearloid they used in the early Mint Collection era is especially nice.  Looking at the wood used for the top, back and neck, it’s clear the luthier that built this guitar purposely selected these pieces. 

The pickups equipped were Greco’s best at the time, the DRY 82, which was the successor to the DRY Z.  The DRY Z was made by Maxon in collaboration with Fujigen and Greco.  In 1982 pickup production was brought in house.  DRY 82 pickups aren’t as widely discussed as the DRY Z’s, but they are an excellent PAF. 

Many EGF-1800’s had 1800 written in the pickup cavity, this one has 18 written in the bridge cavity which may be a carry-over in the production process to designate these special builds.

By 1985 Greco’s catalog show significant cost cutting, with all of the high end models gone, along with details like lacquer finishes and fret edge binding.  This guitar marks the end of high end LP models for Greco, other than done on an order made or limited run basis. 

Overall the guitar is in fantastic condition for its age, with some minor chips around it’s edges.  It appears to be an all original and unmolested example of Greco’s top production model, made at the end of the company’s most prolific and desirable period.

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