1981 Greco EGC Limited Edition of 50 Numbered Guitars
Equipped with Gibson T-Top Pickups and Super Real Case

There's a lot that's special about this guitar.  Made in March 1981 Greco made a  Limited edition run of 50 guitars, this being number 25 which is engraved on the block inlay at the 21st fret "LIMITED 50/25".  The truss rod is also engraved with "MOUNTED GIBSON PU".

Those mounted Gibson pickups are T-Tops with "PAT NO 2737342" engraved on them and date stamped FEB 14 1979 and FEB 15 1979 at the bridge and neck respectively.  These are unopened, with the original solder still in place.

The guitar itself is an LP Custom model, with 7 ply binding on the top and 5 ply on the back and headstock.  Headstock inlays are very opalescent mother of pearl, with acrylic block inlays on the rosewood fretboard, except for the 9th marker which is mother of pearl.  Neck has fret edge binding.  Greco finished this in a beautiful Violin Sunburst which looks great on a Custom.

I bought this guitar directly out of Japan.  The nut and pickup selector had been replaced.  Frets received a fresh level, crown and polish.  Overall condition is excellent, with nicks and scratches, some screws that are rusted and consistent vintage patina on the bridge, tail piece and tuners.  Please look at the pictures to assess its condition as it is just shy of 38 years old and has been played.  Pots were cleaned and the fretboard oiled, so it really needs nothing and is ready to be played hard.

In terms of how it plays, it certainly lives up to Greco's reputation of building fantastically playing guitars, and matched with the Gibson T-Tops it sounds like a true vintage 70's rocker.  I'd describe the neck as a very comfortable '59 profile.

Update 13-OCT-19 - This guitar will come with a non-original hard case.

Offered at $1,550 USD

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