1977 Greco SE 700 W

In 1977 Greco introduced the SE 700 Early Sixties model Strat.  This was their version of the Large Headstock CBS era Fender, which unlike the guitar its based on has a four bolt neck plate, as opposed to three.  This model was offered in three tone sunburst, natural, white and tobacco burst.  Per the 1977 catalog, at its introduction the SE 700 was only offered with a Rosewood fingerboard on its Maple neck.

This SE 700 came in white with a lacquer finish, which has started to yellow.  Body is Sen, which is a Japanese ash.  Pickups are PU-119 Maxon Excel .  Fully populated pickguard appears to be the original shielded, dated to April 2, 1977.  One very unique feature, especially for this era, is a five way selector switch which is highlighted in the 1977 catalog.   

This guitar is in excellent overall condition given it is more than 40 years old and looks like it may be all original.  These guitars are vintage guitars in their own right, made to very high Japanese standards when these were still hand made.  It was only a few years later that the very same people making these guitars, would be making them for Fender Japan.

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