1977 Greco SE 1200 T - Project Series

The SE 1200 was introduced in 1977 as a Project Series model, which were basically custom shop before there was a Custom Shop.  As you would expect, Project Series guitars were built to a higher standard with unique features using the best materials and pickups available across the entire Greco product line. 

The SE 1200 was the top Strat type model and came in Natural, Sunburst or Tobacco Sunburst with a lacquer finish.  Bodies were either Sen or Alder with a one piece Rock Maple neck.  This guitar is an SE 1200 T as it came in Tobacco Sunburst and features a Sen body, which is a type of Japanese Ash known for its intricate grain patterns which the luthiers used to great effect on the higher end models as you can see in the photos.  Tuners are Greco MH803, which is a Schaller type with nickel finish. 

As a top of the line model, it came equipped with DiMarzio FS-1 ‘Fat Strat’ pickups, which were a popular Strat upgrade at the time.  FS-1 pickups are still sold today delivering a higher output and sounding smoother and fatter as compared to stock.  Thin brass shielding covers the entire bottom of the pickup cavity.

As a Project Series guitar it came with a special ‘Faultless Case’ and a ‘silicon cloth’ bag the guitar could be kept in for additional protection.   This guitar does have its original Greco Faultless Case.  Project Series guitars also came with a Lifetime Guarantee.

These are quite rare models, which I’ve been able to acquire two ’77 SE 1200’s.  Coincidentally they have serial numbers that are only four apart from each other.  So over forty years ago these two guitars sat on the same work bench and by pure luck are now back together again.

If you are interested in learning more about Greco Project Series guitars check out my blog post about them:  Greco Project Series: Custom Shop Japanese Style

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