Navigator NLP-500 Limited Honey Burst - 2002
Custom Order

Navigator is the premium brand of ESP making traditional style electric guitars and is widely regarded as one of the highest quality brands made in Japan.  The quality of Navigators is on par with the best from any brand.  These guitars are only sold in Japan, so there are very few in the U.S.

This is a 2002 NLP-500-LTD in Honey Burst and finished in Nitro Lacquer.  The 500 level models are custom order and received the best solid flame tops.  This one is spectacular, truly 3D looking.  Can see the flames even in the control cavity. 
This guitar is equipped with Seymour Duncan Seth Lover pickups which sound fantastic in these high end Navigators.

Craftsmanship is Custom Shop quality or better and was priced at 500,000 Yen back in 2002 when the standard model was 380,000. 
An NLP Standard model today is 540,000 Yen. 

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