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New Greco EGF Custom Model Discovered

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

I came across an unusual Greco Custom that reminded me of an ad I had seen in a magazine from 1981. The ad described a special Greco model they would be offering in January 1981. What makes it special? It's a Flame Top Custom, model EGF 850C

Greco flame top models at the were designated EGF and plain top as EG. Customs were designated as EG ### C, like EG 1000C for example. This new model since it was a flame top Custom uses EGF and C: EGF 850C.

The ad tells us that the pickups would be PU-2 on this model and would retail for ¥90,000. I was able to buy the guitar and confirmed it matched the model described in the ad with pickups dated to January 1981 and the serial number dated March 1981. I also learned that the guitar has a Rosewood fretboard with mother of pearl block inlays and appears all original. A rare find of a new Super Real era non-catalog special model. You can see many more pictures of it here: 1981 Greco EGF 850C

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