Tokai LS 120 Reborn Old Special Order - 1980

This is a special order guitar with custom mother of pearl inlay done on the fretboard.  Aging of this guitar is absolutely fantastic, with subtle checking of its lacquer finish over the entire body.

As an LS 120 in 1980, the guitar has a flamed maple veneer top, one piece mahogany back, mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, lacquer finish and Dimarzio PAF pickups.  There was a repair of the neck at the base of the headstock, but the work was done professionally in Japan, with the finish blended perfectly with the original.  The Reborn Old was likely lost in the repair, but you can still see traces of it in the photos.  Similarly, serial number is much harder to read, but is legible and indicates it is a 1980.

This is a one off custom order guitar that as you can see in the photos has aged just perfectly.  It appears to be all original, including its pick guard, which was removed for the photos.  A very rare and beautiful vintage Tokai. 
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