Tokai SS-80 OWR - 1979
Tokai's Top Silver Star Model

Modeled on a 1966 Strat, the Silver Star line was Tokai's large headstock Strat model.  These models were  introduced in 1979 and offered until 1984.  Unlike the guitars these were based on, quality of the Tokai's was consistently very high.

The SS-80 was the top of the line Silver Star and had some features unique to it.  The SS-80 was the only Silver Star model to come finished in nitro cellulose lacquer and featured a brass nut and brass key-hole bridge saddles.  Additionally, this was the only model to come equipped with special DiMarzio high output FS-1 "Fat Strat" pickups, which are still made described as offering a higher output, with smoother and fatter sound over stock.

This SS-80 is a 1979 and has the model number stamped into the bottom of the fretboard.  Stamps in the neck and body confirm they came together from the factory and show the SS 80 and the OW olympic white color code.  Actual model code is SS-80 OWR, indicating that it is in olympic white with Rosewood fretboard.  Neck is maple and the tuners are Schaller type. 

Since this model has a lacquer finish, the olympic white has started to yellow and there is very subtle crazing on the body.   

SS-38 and SS-40's regularly come up for sale, whereas the Tokai SS-80's seem to be quite rare.

At close to 40 years old, these are very high quality vintage copies of the guitars many bands favored in the 70's. 


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