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Greco EGF-1200 Translated Catalog

I've been having some of the vintage Japanese guitar catalogs translated into English. Every one of these seems to reveal more about these guitars: how they were made, detailed model specifications, woods used, pickups and more. They also provide insight into what the manufacturer was trying accomplish with a series, model, pickup and more.

I recently had an early Greco catalog introducing the Super Real Series translated into English. One page may be of particular interest to Greco fans - its a full page dedicated to the Super Real EGF-1200, introducing the new model!

Aside from the details on the guitar, I was really interested to learn about the unique finish on these guitars and what they were trying to do: "The red hue of the original sunburst worn pale with age and seasoned to a fine orange brown".

So all the way back in 1980 Greco was delivering a guitar trying to a emulate a faded, aged finish of a 1958 Les Paul!

You can check it out for yourself. Below is the original in Japanese and below it the English translation. Please excuse the formatting. Enjoy!


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